Cloud Backup and Recovery

i2yun-a product for cloud backup and disaster recovery, which combines disaster recovery software and cloud computing platform technology, makes remote data disaster backup achieve low cost, quick deployment, ease of use and flexibility through adequate cloud computing resource sharing.

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over 10 thousand medical insurance cards have been swiped on a typical day, inducing great pressure on core production system. By means of i2yun technology, the production system is backuped locally, thus forming a one-to-one HA between Watone Cloud platform and local to ensure seamless business continuity management.

Business Migration

I2yun migration simplifies the system migration, migrating available application or the entire system in an always-on business climate.The time of the whole migration process is predictable, and this technology can help the production system immediately switch to the new system after the migration, during normal business hours, with near-zero downtime.

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with the help of i2yun migration product, the information systems in company headquarters can be easily migrated to a new platform, thus protecting the data continuously.---China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd.

High Availability

Disaster application is on the basis of disaster data, and in other cities to establish a complete set of local production system is quite backup application system when a system for accident to stop working, the whole application system can switch to another, make the system function can continue to work normally.

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with the help of i2yun, our critical applications or data, such as hand numbness server and intensive care server, is backuped to five-star machine rooms of Guangzhou Unicom through a 10M dedicated bandwidth, realizing data and application protection in real time.---Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital